Weekly Summary NUMERO UNO

I was very excited to take this course and was fortunate enough to get the last remaining spot Sunday night. I began this weeks assignments by introducing myself to the course. The next step was for me to create my various social media accounts, some which I had reluctantly already had. Then I created a GIF, which I made through gimp. I did my gif on my favorite movie, with my favorite scene, which was from Dazed and Confused and the scene with Slater where he says to the girls, “check ya later.” He is then mocked by all his friends immediately following. I then watched a number of the videos provided, still needing to do my write up for them.

I have been doing my daily creates and did a number of the visual assignments. I feel good about the assignments I completed, outside of just taking some time to learn how to do it and complete the task, it was a good time. My favorite assignment was certainly my visual assignment where I got to use the picture of Selena Gomez and I photoshopped. I still need to do a couple more little things for the first two units, but I am excited to start the third. Despite the tedious work and number of assignments, I am excited for this course. It’s been a fun week of assignments and look forward to the various works I am to embark on in this journey as a front of the line solider.


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