Reflection on the Vignelli Canon

A lot goes into graphic and design, as described by Vignelli. There’s a long and thorough thought process that must take place. Nothing happens over night, certainly not a succesful final project. Examples like the New York City Subway diagram is intense. The amount of time and effort that must go into a project like that may at first thought sound somewhat manageable, but surely seems to be one of the more complex things I can imagine design wise. I agree with the notions that communication and having discipline are so very intricate when it comes to design. You must be able to continue work and know where you are, while working with anyone or even alone. If you don’t have a grasp on your next move or what you are exactly doing, it can be fatal. If you feel to keep up with a task or stay true to your checklist, it can only negatively impact you and hurt you in the end. Being visually powerful and offering intellectual integrity is so significant as well. People want something that appeals to the senses and offers them something to think about and desire more of. It absolutely fascinates me all that goes into design and I thoroughly enjoyed the digesting of it that Vignelli did.