Best Sports Play GIF – Ozuno of the Miami Marlins

For this assignment, I was to create a GIF of what I considered the greatest sports play of the year. I am a big baseball fan, serving as the captain of my high school team and an overall, all around avid baseball viewer, so quickly I knew to go to baseball for an outstanding play. I, as most baseball viewers am always a big fan of a big time catch, notably one’s that will “rob” a home run. I remembered Ozuno of the Miami Marlins making this outstanding catch earlier in the season and knew I had to choose it. For this assignment, I went on and found the catch. I did a screen shot of 7 different second intervals from the time he got to the warning track, to his leap, to his catch to his feet hitting the ground following. I tried to slow down the GIF and I hope that shows in my post.