Ira Glass series and Radiolab summary

In the Ira Glass series, he talked about storytelling and his take on it and how to be succesful. In the first episode of the story, he told of, making sure your story has a sequence, what happened and then what followed. You want to make sure the viewer and listener know why they are listening to your story. Make sure they are familiar with it and that they want to listen to it, that they don’t feel their time is wasted. Make sure you have a perseverance and a moment of reflection. Make the story larger than it really is. He has a lot of very positive and creative suggestions that all make a lot of sense and seem very helpful.

In the second episode, he talks about finding a great story. It can often be more difficult to find a great story, than even telling one. Time is often spent looking for good stories, especially in the world of media, like his radio show. He talks about how failure is a big part of your success. He talked about how broadcasting has a lot to do with luck. Sometimes it takes longer than you want to find what you are looking for.

Radiolab’s Jad Abumrad talked about empathy in radio. Doing things together in radio, due to it being pictureless, helps create empathy. Can truly create connections with people, due to imagining. Connection is caused from images and imagination. He considers the voice the engine of everything that is done. I think he has a really good point there, the beauty of radio, is the fact it is built up due to imagination. You envision yourself there with the radio host and picture everything they have to say.