Moon Graffiti

In this soundcloud video, it is very erie and somewhat disturbing in the sense that this was very much something that could have taken place. There is a lot of background noise and transitioning done. They have a lot of sound effects added to make this scene even more dramatic. It puts you in the sense surely, as if you are on the moon following this crash. They make their conversation sound somewhat muffled as if it was an actual conversation done in to a microphone or a radio, as they would have potentially used. It’s also added to the speech as the director speaks first hand how the speech given at the beginning was actually created for then President Nixon. They also do their share of advertising as they try and tie in their show at the end with some promotion and MPR. I very much enjoyed this and audio storytelling, it gives you new perspective and puts you in the moment as though you are there, which is surely a knew experience. Sound has the power to take stories in completely different directions with the added affects it has.