Week 3 summary

Ted Radio hour and Scott Lo Summaries

Ira Glass series and RadioLab Summary

Moon Graffiti

A Day at the Park 

Conversation with Snoop Dog

Kan Jam

DS106 Radio Bumper





I didn’t receive any comments, but I gave out some. Looking at other’s made me feel very insecure about mine honestly, there were some very good websites made, with some very good projects and assignments done. This week I became even more comfortable with the various audio apps and had a good time in doing so. I had used audacity previously, but never very much, so it was nice to get to play with it more in depth and it was certainly entertaining in doing so. I had fun with the assignments and listening to the various recordings. The various people who did the videos and recordings are very knowledgeable and had a lot of great insight to give. I learned some great suggestions on what I need to work on, I have no complaints, just know for further cases, things I can and need to be better on. I even saw those by just looking at other people’s pages.

I felt great about this weeks assignments, with a little trouble in the beginning but certainly opened up and had a good time in doing so. The assignment bank assignments were a lot of fun and is certainly my favorite part of the courses. I think I did well on the assignments, though, know there is always room for improvement. I did over the assigned 12 stars and had a great time in doing so.   I didn’t have much trouble, except for understanding some of the audio apps at first, but after a bit of playing with them, had a pretty strong grasp of them. I don’t know exactly if I’d do anything differently, maybe explore some other assignment bank options, but besides that, I am very comfortable with the decisions and choices I made. I am very much enjoying this course and look forward to what is in store for next week.