How to read a movie

As the author states early, often certain things in film may go unnoticed to the average naked eye, but often familiarized people with certain skill sets notice certain things. He lets it be known that it is common for your emotional side to be in-touch and in a sense, triggered to the visual aspects of film. In terms of movement in film, if the angle is moving to the right, it is considered to be positive, but if it is moving left, its considered negative. Every moment in film, seems to have its own underlying meaning. In reviewing film and breaking it down, you will keep notice of color, lighting, shadows, characters, messages and other various aspects of film. Reading a film seems to be all about what you take away from it and what you can find within it, that may that average person might just not pick up on.

Example of a match cut: It shows in this video of scene cutting, where the two objects very much resemble one another and are in the same place. They seem to be done to create some sort of aesthetic.

Hitchcock Loves Bikinis: In this youtube video, it shows the art of close ups and cutting over to other scenes and angles. The video discusses how reaction in film can chance perception of certain individuals.