Look, Listen and Analyze

The video I chose was the scene from the Hulk movie, in 2003. The scene is titled born again. The open visual for the scene is the two main characters, Betty and Bruce at a restaurant eating dinner. In the shot, you can see him as he’s chewing his food in the corner of the shot, as she is the focus. Then, it cuts to Bruce, as he is talking to her. It is a close up, focusing on him and his head movements. It then cuts back to her as she stares him, before cutting back to him to close out the scene.

Listen: For this next part, I focused not on the camera angles but the sounds. I didn’t view the video, just listened to it as I typed. It starts off with Betty asking Bruce a question about his night, while you can hear him chewing his food. He then begins to discuss the fact that he had a rather strange dream, his voice becomes rather raspy. He is speaking in a very dramatic tone, then describes his heart beat, making the sounds it did, as though he is breathing rather strangely as well.

All together: When you put all the aspects in to one, you do sort of give it a different look. Such as in the opening scene, as you watch her, your focus is taken away as he is chewing with his mouth open as well as talking. You notice when he is discussing his dream and his heartbeat, he is very off-put and seeming to be in a not great place mentally. It is clear he is very bothered by his facial expressions as well as the tone of his voice.

I noticed from the article about the movement of the camera and how it signify’s the emotion. The camera moved left, signaling sadness a bit, which he clearly expressed. Also the notion of closeups, certainly add to the dramatic aspect. By minimizing your senses, it forces you to focus more prominently on certain aspects, which is something I certainly never took into effect before, but it something I shall do in the future now that my eyes have been opened up to it.