Talking to a 16 year old Mikey

For this video assignment, I did the Sixteen Year Old Me assignment. I had to address a 16 year old Mikey on his life and what to be prepared for in the future. I started off by addressing his core values at the time, what was the most prevalent things to meet at 16, those were baseball, god and my family. I began by giving him ideas on how to improve at baseball and focus more, that he needs to stay after for practice and focus more, put my heart and effort into it. I then tell him to keep his focus on christ, don’t lose it, the lord is always there for you. Then, I bring up college time, how he needs to stay focused and that Mary Washington is the best choice for him and give him some pointers. I tell him, how here I am in what is technically my finals week, seeing as this course is ending soon and I am to officially graduate at the end of it. With that being said, I have been through it all, I know what he needs to do to be succesful and not doing some of the things I did, is a good step in that direction. At the end of it, I wrap it by telling him to get close to Dean Rucker earlier than I even did and to keep an eye out on my little brother, who’s a bit of a trouble maker.

This assignment certainly means a lot to me, because it’s actually a video I wish I could send to a 16-year old me. There’s a lot of things, I know now, that I wish I knew back then. My life has been great, but there is always room for improvement.

For this assignment, I created it on photo booth actually and just imbedded into Youtube. Photobooth was the easy process for me, as I sat in my basement and worked on it. It a 4 1/2 star assignment, which I contemplated what I was going to say for a while. This assignment requires a lot less work than others, seeing as its just you and a camera, talking about what you need to do.