Weekly Summary Number 4











I know I say this just about every week, but this week’s assignments were my favorite. I loved getting out there with my camera or sitting at my home with my labtop and just recording. I made a couple other efforts with my video bank assignments, that were more just for fun, but didn’t actually submit, but can be found on my youtube account. I became a lot more familiarized with video techniques and what goes into recording. I took a course my junior year that focused on the art of videos and video making and so coming into this, I had some prior knowledge. But I did take away a substantial amount, such as getting involved with iMovie, as well as some techniques in recording and what they mean, as I mentioned in the assignments.

My favorite part as usual was the assignment bank assignments, they were a lot of fun. I very enjoyed talking to 16 year old Mikey and giving him a bunch of pointers in how to be succesful and happy in life. Then, reliving my awful hair adventures, was certainly something I enjoyed as well, but also cringed at a number of times. I like to think I have it all figured out now.

I didn’t have too much trouble throughout the week, besides commenting. I for some reason continue to struggle with finding other people’s pages, though I did find these two and included my comments on them. I enjoyed their pages a lot and it has me looking to improve mine. Though I haven’t been getting many comments as of late, which I assume is probably my fault.

I think I did well on all the assignments, though, I certainly need to work on beginning them a lot sooner and not pushing them off towards the last minutes, as that as proven time and time again to bite me in the butt. But besides that, I continue to enjoy this class more and more I look forward to next week’s assignments, which I believe includes the project, which I am looking forward to submitting. I know that I have a lot to do for it, but I am ready for that challenge that lies ahead.