Sound effects story: A day at the ballpark

A day at the ballpark

For this assignment, it is the sound effects story, which was 3 1/2 stars. I used audacity to do the recording and recorded the individual sounds. I made this recording to tell a short story of being at a baseball game. You walk into the ballpark and you’re sitting there watching and listening to the game. You hear the pitch, you can hear the ball whistling towards the plate. Then, you hear the sound of the crack of the bat, as the batter makes contact with the ball. You then hear the batter running towards the bases as the crowd cheers. The batter than slides into third base, as you hear the crowd cheer some more for what a great play just took place. I picture this at a Washington Nationals game. I’m sitting behind home plate, with my best friend and his family. Ryan Zimmerman is at the plate and smacks a ball to the left-center field gap. He rounds the bases quickly as possible, headed for third. He slides in to third head first to give the Nationals a runner in scoring position, tied, in the bottom of the ninth inning, so the crowd loses their mind in cheer.