Soundboard Conversation: Hanging out with Snoop Dog

For this assignment, I was supposed to make a conversation with my favorite movie character. This assignment is the Soundboard Conversation audio assignment, which was 4 1/2 stars Snoop Dog, though prominent for his rap career, does have his share of movie personas. He has been my favorite character in a number of movies and always provides entertainment. So for this conversation, a couple of friends and I decide to go check out his house as we are curious at where our knew friend lives. So we head out to good ole Beverly Hills to hang with our good friend Snoop. He shows us around the place, but is very particular about where we go, so we decide not to stay too long, he seems to be in a bit of a mood. I will be back though to take on the former collegiate basketball player in a game of 1 v. 1 and that’s a fact.

Snoop Dog Convo