I am me: The evolution of my hair

For anyone who knows me, knows that I am a freak when it comes to my haircut and hairstyles. In watching this video, you will be able to tell that I have had numerous over the years, though none too strange. I am an avid visitor of the barber shop or hair cuttery, though a few times made the mistake of allowing my father or friends to cut my hair. In this video assignment, I included a number of photos I have had taken or took myself over the years and combined them in iMovie. In the video, it just shows the evolution, starting off with my haircuts of me as a child and finishes off with me as a college senior. I went through my Bieber faze as well as my shaved head faze. This video describes me, always worried about how I look and if my hair is okay. In the background of the video, I imbedded the song Perfect Storm by my favorite country artist, Brad Paisley. This assignment was 4 1/2 stars, totaling my stars for the week at 9.