Final Project: The Fidget Spinner

There is a story to be told here…a story about a courageous person. Whom on one day, was just your average soul and before they knew it, had risen to stardom. To go from your every day individual to fame, can be a whirlwind of emotion, both exciting and exhausting. But then their life changed for ever one day…

The day was like any day, just the average day for my pal Fidget Spinner . Fidget Spinner, or Fidget for short, was just your average person one day, then stardom broke out for the youngster. They were talk of the town, everyone know of Fidget and wanted to be involved with them. You could find fidget on t-shirts or various other merchandise, they were the talk of the town. Their rise to fame, came out of nowhere, no person was prepared for this 24 year old to come on the scene so quickly. In 2016, as Fidget’s fame slowly began to creep up, they were invited to the 2016 NBA Championship parade with the Cleveland Cavaliers. With all this fame, naturally, every media outlet wanted to get in contact with Fidget and discuss what the lime light was like, so an interview was done with Fidget, including some hard hitting questions about Fidget’s social life in the world of celebrity status. But then, as quickly as Fidget became a popular celebrity, they quickly became old news….the once highly touted and talked about celebrity faded away and no longer became the talk of the town any longer. Now that fidget spinner is no longer a celebrity, they spend their time around the town just spinning. When asked about their favorite activity, Fidget said, “I just love spinning, it helps me when I’m sad or just need to be entertained, or anything.” With their lack of fame and new found, “where are they now,” status, Fidget recently released a video talking to their 16-year old self, preparing them for the future that lies ahead. So, Fidget Spinner, your once big time celebrity, is now just your average, common-day individual.

In total, for this assignment, I did 24 stars, covering the areas of Design, Photo, Video and audio.