Final Summary

It has been an exciting yet, at times an exhausting five weeks in this course. Digital Storytelling has proven to be one of my favorite courses and this final project was certainly the cream of the crop and the most exciting part. I have included my tutorials as well for the assignments for the final project.

I learned a lot during this summer session and throughout this course. I became a lot more familiar with a lot of various media outlets, that I was not completely familiarized with before. This class was a lot of fun and though I learned about time management throughout my college time, it helped me realize the absolute significance of it, as I often caught myself pushing assignments off to the last minute. It helped me appreciate media a lot more and focus on things greater in depth. I often found myself using these social media and various platforms even outside of the course, due to my new interest in it. I was never a big person into platforms that weren’t mainstream, but after this course can truly say otherwise.

If I was to start this summer session over, I can’t say there is much I would do differently, besides certainly the first week. The first week, I did not give the course the attention and effort it deserved, which is why my grade was drastically effected because of. I also, would have more than likely started my assignments earlier, rather than pushing them off to later like I did more often than I’d like to admit to. My favorite part of the course, though I said this every week, was this most recent week. To be able to be creative and create a story about the life of a fidget spinner and take it new depths, was certainly something I had never done before, but was something I enjoyed exploring. Thank you for taking the time to look after all my assignments and comment on them. It has been an emotional roller coaster throughout this course and if I had planned it differently earlier, one difference I would have made, would potentially be towards my final project. My grandmother passed away just a couple days ago and I would have loved to have highlighted the beautiful life that was hers, but the fidget spinner was certainly a creative approach I am glad I took. She is my background  along with my brother and I’d certainly like to dedicate this course to her, because upon completion and a passing grade, I will graduate from UMW, something she had certainly wanted from me. I will forever recommend your course and you as an instructor Professor Polack, thank you.