Weekly Summary Number 4

http://mbarnes1503.umwblogs.org/2017/06/18/how-to-read-a-movie/ http://mbarnes1503.umwblogs.org/2017/06/18/talking-to-a-16-year-old-mikey/ http://mbarnes1503.umwblogs.org/2017/06/18/look-listen-and-analyze/ http://mbarnes1503.umwblogs.org/2017/06/18/how-to-read-a-movie/ https://twitter.com/mikeyb1503/status/875824878712229889 https://twitter.com/mikeyb1503/status/876423248199782400 https://twitter.com/mikeyb1503/status/876597737546022912 https://twitter.com/mikeyb1503/status/876606994647482368 http://ds106.jennawood.org/blog/assignments/walk-a-mile-in-my-shoes/#comment-81 http://ds106.spooky-cyb.org/assignments/origami-speed-run-no-zen-allowed/#comment-26 I know I say this just about every week, but this week’s assignments were my favorite. I loved getting out there with my camera or sitting at my home with my labtop and just recording. I made a couple other… Read more“Weekly Summary Number 4”

Week 3 summary

Ted Radio hour and Scott Lo Summaries Ira Glass series and RadioLab Summary Moon Graffiti A Day at the Park  Conversation with Snoop Dog Kan Jam DS106 Radio Bumper https://twitter.com/mikeyb1503/status/873322937570525184 https://twitter.com/mikeyb1503/status/873930113926262786 https://twitter.com/mikeyb1503/status/874065359585914881 https://twitter.com/mikeyb1503/status/872282636949041152 I didn’t receive any comments, but I gave out some. Looking at other’s made me feel very… Read more“Week 3 summary”

Week 2 Summary

Reflection on Vignelli Canon: http://mbarnes1503.umwblogs.org/2017/06/02/reflect-on-the-vignelli-canon/ For this assignment, I reflected on how I felt concerning Vignelli’s view on what went into design and what was necessary for it to be succesful and effective. . http://mbarnes1503.umwblogs.org/2017/06/03/my-week-in-a-design-blitz/ For this design blitz, I had to take a number of pictures of different things I… Read more“Week 2 Summary”